Today’s consumer is both educated and demanding. Kings Garden implements cultivation systems that are designed by seasoned cannabis professionals. We have over 20 years of direct cultivation experience, which provides the foundation of our proven systems for designing and running a commercial cannabis facility. We have refined and standardized our cultivation systems to ensure successful implementation across multiple facilities, predictably high yields, and consistently high-quality flower. Our systems achieve record-breaking THC content and consistently pass stringent state testing requirements.


We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the largest names in the Cannabis Industry. We have established a strong reputation for delivering on our promises and building successful projects utilizing state-of-the-art solutions.

Our principals have brought together experts in the fields of finance, real estate, construction, legal, accounting, insurance, cultivation, manufacturing and retail to ensure our client’s success.

We are experts. Our team has over 150 years of combined professional experience in the critical areas of running a cannabis company. We have successfully designed, built, cultivated, manufactured, processed and distributed from our current operations. We currently operate over 300,000 sq ft with more massive projects in the pipeline.

Kings Garden has established sales channels with a 90% market penetration and has developed a strong brand, recognized for its consistently high quality product. We monitor the market to align our cultivation and manufacturing strategies to support growth and profit.


Have any questions about our services? Looking to start your own cannabis company and need some insight? We would love to help! Contact us and we will be in touch.