Our team of professionals will assist in submitting compliant applications. We are here to assist in navigating the complexities of the state licensing process and compliance.






We have a group of professionals that are experts in designing and building out cultivation and manufacturing facilities. Our team is available for the gamut of required activities from evaluating potential real estate locations to designing the facility for maximum utilization.

Ancillary Design Elements

We not only focus on the obvious, we also understand the importance of environmental controls – air temperature, air circulation, CO2 levels, light spectrum, water quality, and nutrient efficiency – factors we consider in our design proposal. We always consider our client’s objectives and budgets in our proposals.


We look to the future when assisting our clients in the design of retail shops and dispensaries. We understand the importance of the retail environment on the purchasing decision and the subsequent achievable sales per square foot. We work with our clients to optimize the experience and the product offering at each location.


Manufacturing requires a unique and highly developed set of skills. Kings Garden is able to bring, to our clients, qualified professionals to build and advise on operating a manufacturing facility. Having built and operated a fully-compliant manufacturing operation we understand the costs, the time and the nuances required to bring a facility online.


We provide services from planning to planting. Work includes designing the optimum lighting layout to utilization of the most advanced technology.


We provide a full spectrum of operational criteria including space design to point-of-sale software. We have intimate familiarity with the current brands in the marketplace and will ensure that our clients provide optimal product mix to maximize revenue.

Employee Training

Kings Garden currently employees 160 persons. We have developed systems for training and managing both cultivators and trimmers and bring this expertise to our clients.

Kings Garden is available to assist our clients through every aspect of the cannabis business. Whether you are interested in cultivation or retail we have the knowledge and know-how to assist you in accomplishing your goals. We will co-develop with our clients a Cannabis Operations Plan which will incorporate the steps necessary to obtain a local and state license, facilitate your funding requirements, and run your business with the most efficient and effective procedures. Once you are operational Kings Garden remains available to assist in maintaining compliance, implementation of technological advances and assessing improvements in profitability.


Have any questions about our services? Looking to start your own cannabis company and need some insight? We would love to help! Contact us and we will be in touch.