Kings Garden is an established brand in the State of California. We are currently available in 90%+ of the licensed and compliant retail locations throughout the State. We can provide distribution to our clients so that they may maximize their revenue through the Kings Garden branding and distribution channel. Additionally, if our clients are interested in creating a boutique brand we are available to assist in package design, compliance, testing, and distribution. We are fully compliant as mandated by the State and provide Phase 1 and Phase 2 testing, packaging and distribution services.

Kings Garden has over 100 trained trimmers and can provide our clients with processing services which include hand trimming and packaging of their products. Hand trimming has formed the foundation of the Kings Garden reputation and we bring this same set of parameters and commitment to quality to all of our clients.


Have any questions about our services? Looking to start your own cannabis company and need some insight? We would love to help! Contact us and we will be in touch.